Monday, December 04, 2006

Ooo. Miss me lots didnt ya.
And Heyheyhey Gabey baby visting today. Pact made by bro and him. "You visit every one week then the next next week come again!"

Dont really get the pact, but heck all i know is hes COMINNGGG. My bros all distracted playing hotwheels. Betcha anything they'll stare at the hotwheels for the whole visit.

Moving on swiftly. (Moses slang)

Day 1.
We play with water. Spray around and half kill Alex while he claims to be hydrophobic. Maybe we killed him.

Day 2.
The kids love me too much. BECAUSE i am cool. Better than Frederic the meanie (sometimes). Play with banna skins and coffee powder and starch, eat flour and all that crap.

Day 3.
Friendship dance. It was crappy. Moses made it worse for everyone. First i had no partner (cause of moses) and then i had to partner Roger (cause of moses). Roger is the IT guy who does all the com stuff.

And then i was all NOO NOO NOT ROGER. Then when Frederic came back from the toilet then everyone was all WOOOOO. And i was YES YES YES ROGER.

But in the end Roger wanted to take pictures so i was stuck with Frederic. Moses made it so big everyone kept laughing at us. Gee. Then all my kids were going Frederic your boyfriend right? You two very pei leh.

Kill. Rip. Tear.

In the bus home Moses had to destroy my relationship with MY BABY NICHOLAS. Sob. SOB. Nicholas my baby.

Had to keep going about being a good husband to me and that crap. The poor kid was too overwhemed. Didnt know the hell what he was saying.

Got to embarrassed to say bye to me.

Kill Moses. Kill Moses.

Gabeys here. Did i say?


The Middle. Jimmy Eat World.

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