Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Chirstmas guys!
Sorry its a teensy bit late.

But that dont matter anyway.

Bing, Dear, Wei, Nao, Shuans, Dan, BQ and co came over to well. Celebrate. It was anyway, the first time i ever got that woozy, and all that.

Then we played rubbish twister, yaknow, cheat and all that. Slept the most 4 hours. And Dan, didnt sleep at all. Was up playing PS2. Surprise surprise.

I got Nao this cool fish earring thing plus a ubercool handmand Cal-hobs
and a dogchain for the gift exchange.

Bing got me some pink Stitch thing which dont look like stitch cause stitch is blue. But it was so unbelievebly weird looking it grew on me.

Its ear broke. BQ says he didnt, so i believe him, being me. Then i think its a good thing because then it distinguished from the other freaky clones in Minitoons.

At night, it got really weird. I know i was laughing and crazy and happy after drinking that crap. Then the few of us who drank it played twister and crushed the poor mat till unreconisable. And we were all laughing and rubbishy.

Then threw stuff around and knocked out at about 4.

Next day woke up early as hell man. Bing woke up and accidentally got us up. Later we watch Eragon. Its a good show.


Im dying.
I think im fainting you know.

Lack of sleep, Junkfood overload, too much death of of braincells. (killed by certain someones)

The screen is going woozy.
Dizzy as hell.


After i dieded, i went to bathe.
I used fullblast freezing water and it woke me up abit.

Im freaking shivering like hell and i have the huge blankie around me plus Notsostitch. I have a horrible stomach ache. Im gonna test my Kill Poison With Poison theory now because i need comfort food. So icecream's gonna hev to do it.

I feeling all down because Chirtsmas is over. Weeks of wraping presents and getting all hellishy hyped and late nights. All over.

Future is looking bleak.

Plus, having a crazy night yesterday is making me feel terribly weird and hollowish today. Maybe its the stomachach though. Cant tell.

I was thinking about school and how i dreaded it. The Phone Rang.

Let Me Tell You A Story About The Call That Changed My Destinee-ee.

I was having the hardest time of my life ever, the hardest desicion i had ever made.

Choice 1: Stick with dear 1dee and Cara and Sirin, and the coolest people i've met. At the same time disappoint ma THIS much. And dad too. Miss out on the chance to go national. Miss out on ubercool stuff like sports massages. At the same time have extra traning. Argh.

Choice 2: Well. The opposite. ^^

Choice 3: Fail all subjects and switch schools.

Choice 4: Shave my head.

Choice 3 and 4 were ruled out because it would cause too much trouble and heartache.

There the two other choices stood, glaringly, meanly.

How i hated them.

Its a damn lucky thing i didnt shave my head.

I took Choice 2.
Split ways with Cara and co.

Anyway, back to the present.

So Cara was on the phone.

She got into sports class too. Dunno how, dunno why. Im suddenly loving SusanLim. You know how much, THIS MUCH. Hell, so much i can die.

I was half crying, i was so happy.

You know what this means?
Someone loves me. SOMEONE LOVES ME ALOT.
Someone up there, that side or this side.

Its making me really happy.
Really really happy.

Yow know what?
I've changed my mind.

Everyone, loves me.
Everyone up there, that side, this side.

Its making me high.

Blue and green and white toothbrush, and a Anna Nicola towel. Claim of these objects expire in 30 days. If not, they will be put to sleep.

Call: 9******* for claim of items.



-Keep Holding on. AvrilLavigne.
Eragon Theme Song.

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