Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lee. Jun-Ki.

Can you believe it?

He has the same surname as me.


I bet we're related.

Lee Jun-Ki.

The guy who starred in King and the Clown, which sold 11.7 million tickets, and entered history as the highest grossing Korean movie ever made.

Because of the good ACTORS and the good script, and the good story.


I mean, why the heck not?

He is UBERHOT, and he can pull of acting as a girl is this helluva big movie, acts so damn well (try watching MyGirl, everytime he cries, i cry more), look femenine and at the same time not gay looking and still superhot. I mean, no one else in the world can pull that off.

And DAMN he looks freaking beautiful as a girl too.

Plus, the first time i saw him on MyGirl, he looked SO much like L i couldnt stand it.

Looks like L no?

Just that Junki has a better looking face.

Oo, you should go google his name. Its freaking funny how girls gush about him. I wanna marry him so much, everytime i look at his face i feel like dying.

Haha. Least im not that bad yet.

Caption contest, anyone?
"WOW, am i hot, or am i hot?"

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