Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am back from Chiang Mai.
I bet ya missed me so much.

Moving On Swiftly,


We rush to the airport in the wee little puny hours and check in. Tho friggin tired, we still play cards in the stuffy little plane WHICH was really squashy and small.

We reach the hotel and the its really cool. It has this really cosy feeling about it. Like, home kinda thing. The people there are so close and everything.

Kids snag a room. Wei sleeps on the couch, Shi sleeps on the two chairs, Dear me and my sis share a kingsize and Nao and Qian share the other.

So then we go caving. The van we take around is like whoa. It has a tv and everything.

We climb these super amazingly steep steps which almost kill us to the cave opening. THEN we climb these super duper steep steps down into the cave bottom.

Seriously dont see the point.

Its damn dark so i walk around climbing steep steps all over. This caving is not the type where you get bat shit all over you. Its just walking and walking and walking and looking at shiny rocks.

And then. Dear's dad found a tiny little opening inside one the caves. So we all messed ourselves up and squashed into the hole. The other side was really dark. And big.

Climbing INTO the hole tho, was tough, I nearly killed Wei. I was climbing behind him, kept grabbing his shirt cause the mud was slippery as hell.

Then the whole group of us huddled inside the HOT STUFFY SMELLY MUDDY little hole squatting there like idoits. We thought we were the first and we should put a flag or somthing until we saw SO MUCH grafatii around. One shine, and DAMN all over i tell you. Boy did that burst my little bubble.

Later we go off to play hookey. I mean Gokarts. WHAOOEE. I tell you that is the LIFE. Life i say. I have, never in my life driven something. Other than a bike, no. Or a sail boat, But they dont count much.

Its like wind in your face, speed, and GO! As fast as you want, you're in control. It feels so damn good. The first few rounds i was friggin terrified of like, skidding off the track and catching fire and going up in a pile of dust like in the shows.

Then i got damn bored of going so slow and anyway Shi was freaking me out cause he was going to damn fast and i tried to catch up. I was going damn fast. I thought. And Dear, boy she was was going fast as hell too.

Wei got the faster kart cause he looked bigger, i suppose. Then the whole time i was blocking him, and Qianyi was so funny.

Everyone was like, squinty eyed speeding like crazy, contentrating a whole lot. And there she was going slow like anything, waving to everyone.

That day, Shi bought Momo.


Today we watched a freakishly cool show. AIR PANIC. In the van. The van was all kids and we were all glued to the screen. The show is seriously nice. Plus me and Dear were damn happy cause the pretty airstewardess and the shuaii FBI guy got together in the end.

Then we sat on elephants. Ohhboy that was fun. the elephants actually GO INTO the water, like really deep. And then they wallop around. I was with Dear. Wei, Markie and Shi were in the elephant in front. Nao, QY, Becks, were behing behind us.

They started lagging so far behind, but that was after i got a few photos of them tho. Our 'elephant rider person' was probably the nicest. He let me sit on the elephants neck. It was ubercool. Oh yeah, our elephant kept shitting. So said the people on the elephant behind us.

Then we went bamboo rafting. I must say, that was kinda stupid. Its just sitting on bamboo raft and floating around, screaming at terrifiying insects (or whatever the brown thing was), while getting screamed at for screaming at the insecty browny jumpy thingys.

Then cause Shi was cajolling so much, i went to a different Gokart centre. Wahseh that one hurt like hell. I got 3 blisters and the ride was so damn bumpy i thought my kart was gonna fall apart anytime.

And i kept drifting cause Shi said it was fun. Haha, ohhyeah it was.

After that we left for the night market and ate there. Me, Wei, Dear, Markie and Shi got split from the group while shopping (wasnt on purpose, i swear) and then we got everyone searching.

Haha,"in good hands", my foot.

That day, Momo bled half to his death.

Day 3

My mom told Wei he could drive the ATV. The ATV is this vehicle car thing which is somewhat like a small truck which can go offroad. It like driving a car, but on mud and in the jungle and all that.

Rocky terrain something, its called i think. Then i was all pissed cause Wei wasnt 16 yet and if he could drive then, crap, i could too. And Nao. They were put together cause both off them were the oldest.

But the Nao saw the seats and she backed out. Half begged me to change seats with her. My mom had half forbidden me to drive cause she was friggin pissed with my whining.

So in the end, i rode with Wei cause my mom said whatever when i asked "If i ride with wei can i drive when hes really tired?" It was a very non-comittal mumble but, no, i didnt really bother.

You must wonder why Nao gave up the seat with Wei, (which made no actual difference in the end cause everyone got to drive, even Shi.) The seats are like motorbike seats. Have you seen one'na them before? Yeah.

So Wei was practicing. Around and around the mud track on the ATV.

And then we were off for the real thing. We were all wearing ubercool goggles and helmets. But the cloth around our mouth nad noses destroyed the cool look. We looked like terrorists.

I swore to bring excitement to the poor bored villagers. And i'll say, excitement did we bring.

-To Be Continued-

I have to go caroling prac now.

Seeya later.

-Westlife. Lay My Love on You

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