Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yesterday was packed.
First we went to Sentosa in the morning.
Dalston organised this really cool Amazing Race thing. Was kinda fun 'cept for the groupins which was my family and my sister's friend.

I'll say. Sentosa is a really small AND boring place. And in the HOT SHINING BURNING sun, its that much worse.

But anyway, i got to sit on the bus without a top, that green line thing. Oooohyeaaah. Thats the life man. I coulda like skipped the whole game to get a few more rounds of it, but my group refused. Spoiltsports.

Later we went for my mom's office's family thingy. Was a thing at the Marina Park where there was free candy floss popcorn and all that rubbish.

So i went to try the thing where they hoist you up from a trampoline on the straps. I asked the guy if i was too big and he was all YEAH SURE. EVEN I CAN. Then i watched this realllyyyy sweet boy bouncing. He was like this little fat ball going uppp and downn.

I coulda watched him the whole day.

So it was my turn. Then the guy came reaaallyy close cause he had to strap me from the back so he like kinda hugging me. I was standing there all awkward while he was strapping me all awkward.

Then i realised it wasn't as kiddish as i thought it would have be. I mean, the kid bouncing up and down looked really cute, but he was just moving REALLLLYY little. So i though it would be real boring.

THEN i saw the guy's face. Oh boy. I was in the for the bounce of my life. He made me go real high (yeah they can control how high you go, i realised) kept pressing the stupid button for real long.

So i screamed. I screamed till the whole park was looking at me. Ohwell.
Then when i came down, (after a really long time) i hit the guy. He was laughing like some crazy thing.

Since it was early and there was nobody in the queue, i offered to help he press the button so he could play too. He laughed harder. He laughed and his friend over by the other game was laughing too. So i sat there behind him bugging him to let me try pressing the button.

He was all hahahahah... no lahh.. later all the kids cry.. hahaha..

So i went to the Test Your Strenght booth. Where you have to use this unbelievevably heavy hammer to hit the platform. So with all my strenght, i lifted the piece of crap and slammed it down as hard as i could

My whole hand shook from the impact and i was feeling mighty proud of muself until...

I saw the booth guy laughing himself silly.
And the Trampoline guy was watching too and HE was laughing until he almost fell of the trampoline. Oh gads. Serve him right.

Well well well. So what it the stupid metal crap moved only a little bit. Jeez. They didnt have to laugh so hard.. So i made the booth guy try. I said. Finee... fine.. YOU do it.

And i'll say.
He was really skinny and freakishly tall for a 18 year old. (i asked cause i was wondering if i could get a job too) . And he went. Oohh no. nahh. its okay. You wanna try again?

In the end i forced him to. He hit, and i almost choked while laughing. I was half crying. GEE.

Then i went to the other booth which you have to stand on the high thingys and hit the other person down. I told the guy the stupid crappy head gear was spastic and useless and he just laughed and stuffed it on my head.

Sigh. Hopeless.

Then i went to the basketball booth and but the guy there was scary because i called him jie accidentally cause he looked like a girl.

Soon i knew everyone around so i waved and stuff.

It was kinda fun.

Considering there was a Cars screening. BOY do i love that show. I love that silly italian pitstop totter. HAHAHAA. ANNDD Mater.
My favorite favorite characters.

I can watch Cars 5 times and still not get bored of it. I just love it.

And i'll bet she was pissed the whole morning because Dalston picked me to be in his group first before her. He only picked me because i well.. i dont know either. Heck.

Its really cute how Mingting and C like him so much and keep saying how much they hate him and things like that.

I still remember i used to crush any guy i came into contact with who was physically accepted. Yeah yeah. I know i know. That was freaky.

But man, when you grow up in a unisex school you become abit mentally something. Oh well. Cant be helped. But now in Cat class and stuff there are so many guys and if you crush every single one of them you'll probably go crazy.

Guys are good as friends. Other than the freaky harrassing thing.

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sinying said...

hello my darling amanda, you betta not be smart enough to tell your blog site to the fabulous c and minting because if you did i would come to you personally and shake your hand and tell you that you're really smart.
i totally agree with you manda.....
good luck with the girls....