Thursday, November 30, 2006

What do you do when you see 32 cute guys in suits?


What do you do when you see 51 cute kids in suits?


What do you do when you see a super shuaii GABRIEL in a starched white suit with black pants who looks like hes about to get married?


Oh yeah, baby.
My brother's K2 grad was probably the most amzing thing ever. All the tweeny guys in suits with cheeky smiles and o-so-adorable dimples and amazing little faces and innocent eyes.

Well. I mean. Those are mostly about Gabe, so.

Mann i'll say. The tickets were 35 bucks apiece i nearly killed myself for fogetting the camera. 35 BUCKS beat that. There was a buffet and everything and the props probably cost more than my computer.

No wonder.

The show kicked ass man. They probably act better than me. Those teensy kids! Looks like i underestimated them. Like HELL they were cool.

The whole thing i was laughing. The kids looked freakshily AHdorahble in thier spastic little costumes. My bro acted as some olden day guy and his 'bun' kept falling off his head.

I almost killed myself laughing.


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