Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This is kinda saddening.

I was reading HighLord till 2am yesterday.
Hoped it would end happily so i would be, happy.
And THEN guess what.

(Im just assuming no one is gonna read this book.
If you are, this'll spoil the it for ya)

Well, see.
Akkarin is the HighLord of the Magicains Guild. The MG is a guild which trains people with magic ability.

But the novices chosen are handpicked only from the Houses, where the rich are from. When a slum girl, Sonea accidentally stumbles over her power in front of a group of magicians, chaos takes place.

Sonea thinks the magicians would kill her once she is found. So she her friend Cery and her decide to escape. While escaping, Sonea sees something she should not see. Akkarin practicing the banned Black Magic. Of course, she does not know this then and dismisses it.

Deep under the ground there are the Theives. They steal and murder for the people's good.

Sonea seeks the Theives help and wants to become a Rouge Magicain. The Theives see her power and accept her offer. Little does she know that without another Magicain to help her Control her power she would soon die.

The Theives see this and have no choice but to bring her to the Guild. There she meet Rothen, a kind magician, and he takes her into guardianship, helping her Control her power. Taking a novice into Guardianship is rare and only novices who show potential get guardians.

Sonea joins the Guild as a novice after a series of complications. But she is shunned and bullied by her schoolmates. She knows Akkarin's secret and hates him for killing with black magic.

And then Akkarin finds out that Sonea, Rothen and Loren knows his secret. He then takes Sonea into guardianship. The Highord had never taken any novice into guardianship before and many parents had long banished the hope of it.

Everyone stops bulling Sonea. No one bullies the High Lord's favorite. No one. But Sonea knows his secret. Akkarin taking her into Guardianship was just taking her as a hostage, making sure Rothen and Loren shut thier mouths about his Black Magic secret.

Then one day, Akkarin suddenly tells Sonea about his past as a servant, and how he learnt black magic to escape, and how a group of Ichandis who all learnt black magic were going to invade them.

Akkarin had been killing all the Ichandi's spies all the while with black magic. Akkarin had been trying to protect the people. So Sonea takes up black magic too, just in case Akkarin gets killed. Akkarin refuses at first, but Takan, his servant, tells him that Sonea will be a good choice.

They go out and fight at night. Black magic is a magic that allows you to suck out someones power. It had not been evil, centuries before, but after people started to abuse the power, the early Guild banned it.

Sonea gives her power to Akkarin to fight and together they kill some spies. But then the guild finds out they practice black magic. They search Akkarin's and Sonea's room, finding that Sonea read books about Blackmagic and Akkarin practiced it.

They refuse to believe Akkarin's story.

The penalty for using blackmagic is exile. Or death. The Guild decides to exile Akkarin to the Ichandi land because they know they cannot kill a black magicain. They give Sonea a second chance to stay in the Guild as they think Akkarin had forced her to learn about it.

To their surprise, Sonea turns down their offer, saying that she had to go with Akkarin so that when you come to your senses and call him back he'll still be alive!

The guild is shocked by her defience, the most Rothen. Osen, another magicain, begs her to stay, but she refuses. So both are banished shamefully.

As they travel together, Sonea finds herself thinking about Akkarin more than often. Akkarin, by the way, had ignored her all the way. Sonea wonders why she decided to follow Akkarin. For the Guild? Or because im becoming so attached to him?

They face dangers on the way, with Ichandis tailing them, back front and center. Sonea, realies she is falling for her guradian. She banishes the thought only to find that Akkarin likes her too.

They travel together again, closer than ever. They decide to go South. On the way, they meet Dorrien, whom Sonea used to fancy. Dorrien helps them find thier way and they meet Cery, who takes over.

Then the Ichandi invade.

The Guild realises their mistake. Much too late.

Oh well.
I have to go for track.

I'll say.
In the end, while Sonea was fighing the last few Ichandi, Akkarin gave her his power to make her stronger to blast them dead. Sonea gave all her strenght and striked them. They fell. Dead.

She turned to Akkarin to smile. It was too late. Akkarin was dead. He had given her all his powers, not saving enough to Heal himself. He had given her everything.

Well. Yeah.
Then there was the grieving and everything.
I was too upsest to read on.

MAN the book is so upsetting.
I thought they would get married or something.

Oh well.
Then Sonea got pregnant.
And then it ended.


This is saddening.
Im going for track.


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