Friday, November 24, 2006

She is a Muashino.

****. says:
muashinos is me .

Its kinda cool. If you can say it anyhow. I think she is the last Muashino of the dying race of Muashinosems.

Muashinos are short creatures with a stubborn mind set that

****. says:

Yes. Unfortunate as it is, it is true. For the last of the dying race to be inflicted with such a mindset is a very sad thing.

And no, for the last time, she will not produce Muashino babies. Just for the note, they do not turn into beetles or sloths.

Muashinos also insult people in a perculiar way. They call absolutely innocent and kind humans THE QUENN OF MOOPS and YOU ARE UNTRUSTABLELAPEENOO just because the kind human said Botak Jones was not worthwhile to eat at.

Muashinos also have a special langauage. For example,
herhioehryiregrehgierhgierg, would mean, Chao Tar Barbie. I dont see how it connects tho.

To end off, Muashinos are rare and special creatures. Only one left in the world. Go ask someone else if they know the meaning of

Heck. I bet they dont.

Back to me.

At track we ran like 200 300 400 sprint.
Coach was all, you all cry first, cry first then i tell you what we doing today. (its means impending doom) So we were supposed to do two sets.

And coach, being coach, dragged me to my death by putting me with FIONA and DORCAS and MABLE. (the crazy sprinters who are sec2)

They are freakishly fast.
Very, very, very fast.

So there i was, having stomachaches and head turns. Seemed i got out alive. God saved me with his heavenly hand. A WAVE and rain came. WAVE and lightning came. WAVE and thunder came.


In the end Coach made us do the last 400m in the rain then all drenched and dizzy and crappy i almost fainted. Gee. YOU try pushing yourself to the ABSOLUTE limits by sprinting with FIONA. You'll see.

And i saw a huge earthworm on the way home.

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