Wednesday, November 01, 2006


From far, it might look like pieces of shit.
But the closer you look, you see a moving antenna.

And what, is the snail doing?
Eating the poo? Or TALKING to the poo.
We might never know.

For all we know the snail might be discussing some
conpriracy with the poo.
Like how they are both slimy and brown.

Or it could be talking to the GERMS or the microstuff
on the poo. Yes, maybe snails have abilities to communicate
with germs. Or poo microstuff?

This might spin the world into a whole new revolution.
We might beable to diseect the snail and see what is helping
them to communicate with micro-germs.

Soon, we would be able to do the same.
And when we can, the world will go into chaos.
Doctors and scienctist will all have to quit, because
there would be no need for them.

People would just beg the germs to go away and you know,
give them animals to feed on instead.
And all this would have started with my sharp eyes and
beautiful photographic skills.

Yes. The world will bow down before the great me.

On the way home today, i see the advertisment.
Which freaks me out alot.
Alotalot. Im not gonna say which or what.
I could get sued or something.
Gah. I have to time for court. I am, afterall, a busy girl.

Now i go mass.
Byebye dearies.


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