Sunday, November 19, 2006

*blink blink*
It is 7.
Oh MY TIAN its 7.

I slept for 3 hours man.
This is bad.

This morning i went to the Woodlands SCC
too help out with Cra. Wahseh the kids were
damn rowdy.

On seconds thoughts, i think i was worse.
We were supposed to babsit them, from
the SCC to Expo.

On the train, which WE HAD TO OURSELVES.
(That was damn cool)
The Expo had some exhibition which had these
Malay kids fighting and kicking, and some fatty
Angmoh woman tellin stories.

Im telling you i think she got me deaf. She was
so freakishly funny. Eh. It was like, i can tell the
story in about 1 min, She took 15.

She was damn funny.
Like some baby.

I made friends with the kids.
Bonding through hardships yeh?
This kid Jess stuck to me like glue and another
Cheryl was hitting me calling me short and
saying weird things.

Shes cute.
I stuck to Benjamin like glue too.
He looks HELL like Ego can.
The same watery eyes.


Super naughty too.

And this other kid stuck to Cara.
She is one funny kid.

We were stepping on the rugged floor and
she kept laughing because i walked into some
wedding stand accidentally.

SO i was going all
Ni xiao WO??!!
Then she all,
Bu shi bu shi! Di hen ruan shuo yi wo xiao!

WAHHAH. So cute seh.
And this guy helper, Tom, did magic tricks.
He is freaky. And too damn good.
The kids love him like hell too.

He's cool.

Okay dinner.

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