Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We play soccer at Sirin's house in the morning.
It is really boring because theres only three of us.
Of course plus the fact none of us really knows how
to play it well.

First we realise we dont have a soccer ball.
So we walk around her neighbourhood barefooted
and see her 3m deep swimming pool.

Then we visit the AngMoh woman and she lends us
this ball. Shes really nice.

After which we have a hard time getting the keys to the small
little soccer court. The guard keeps going on about some
Glass! Theres glass lehh. Must be careful. And dont kick so
high ah. WHAT are you bringing in har?

A soccer ball...

I think better not. Later you kickkickkick then the glass break.
Or the sides have hole leh. muttermutter. Just go in and run
around okay?

But we are going there to PLAY soccer!!

Then he goes on about crappily unrelated stuff.
So we decide that we dont want to play in a court with glass
and sides where balls can make holes in.

But in the end we go and get the keys after realising that
there wasnt any glass. We checked.

We try headbutting and highkicks.
And i DONT hog the ball..

We go to Thomson Plaza and eat BA CHOH MEE.

In school, they make us watch this film on OBESITY.
Sirin refuses to watch. No matter how many times we tell
her thats shes not fat. (you arent. i promise. pinky swear)
In fact you look nice the way you are. If you get any
skinnier then you wont be you anymore.

We love you Sirin. Even if you became a lump of flabs
we'll still love you. And you arent a lump of flabs.
Youre pretty and

She bends her head down throughout the 1hour clip.

We watch skinny models and fat FATFAT people
parade the screen. Then theres this really good looking
guy whos working out with muscles and everything.

Then they show a picture of him before he got skinny.
BOY was he fat. But hes really shuai now.
Blonde hair cute face abs and blue eyes.
No kidding. Thats was the only thing that is driving me
to work out now.

WHICH i will. Well. If i can get the keys to the gym.
Normally under 16 cant get in. And i cant pass for
under 16. But maybe the nice gurad will pretend to be

And they show you how the REALLY CHAO fat people become
really good looking after they slim down. All the flabs and
double chins are making me dizzy though.

And i feel really bad for thinking fat people are ugly.
Which is not true. If they would slim down abit they would
look damn good. If you actually take the time to visuallise
how they will look after losing weight.

It takes me about 1 and a half somgs to get home.
When i reach home im at the


part of FortMinor's Believe me.

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