Monday, October 02, 2006

We run to pierce, on the board walk, around and back.
THEN to bishan park and around.


Damn tired. But back at school i go high.
It like WHOOPEE i can see the sky and everythings so pretty.
My heads all clear and fresh.
Must be endorphins.

Then we play soccer.
I get smashed in the face with the ball, kicked in the shins and
slammed into like 10 times.
But its fun.

I walk home and see the two siao dogs again.
The american boy keep saying no! when the dog bark at me.
Like that will help..
I was trying damn hard not to scream.

I see Mark, Melody. Grace and Germaine at the basketball
court in their blades doing stunts.
I sit and watch.

GET YOUR BLADES! Mark shouts.
Uhh.. i have to study for...
YAY!! cries Mark. Big cute eyes. NOO. Thats the thing i cant resist!

Come on willpower. Where are youu.
Too bad. My will power abandonded me.

So the four flanked my sides and escorted me home to
get my blades.
Oh well. It was kinda fun. I lay on the ground and watched
the clouds. I really wanted to camp there. It was so calm and

Well, until Mark skated over me. Then Melody.
Then they were all over me. In that way. Not that way.

Oh well.


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