Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today we went to East Coast Park.
Had a hard time deciding too. Gee.

Went to the beach first.
Good grief. The whole car was raining ants and my mom

Then she was half crying half screaming.
The whole damn front seat had like over thouand ants.
It was disgusting.

Then we had to drive all the way home, and vacume all
the ants out. I was bored. So i sms everyone to tell them
about ant domination.

Then when we reached, saw Bing and BQ buliding crap.
Then Nao and Dear in the water shouting MANDA COME IN.
So i went to play sandcastle.

We throw sand around.
Ahem, i mean, they throw sand at me and i just take revenge.
Then Bing and BQ mock me. Mean.

Horrible and mean.
Then my brother totally disowns me.

Gah. In which i make a new friend.
NICHOLAS! The cutest thingy after JonathanMP.
But in any case, Bing bribed him or something.
He started throwing sand at me.

Then later Bing and Dear built some crappy merlion
and Bing was proudly showing off the thing. Gross.
I was frantically trying to change it to a chicken.
It suited it better. They didnt believe me.

I got mad at BQ because. BECAUSE.
Im alwasy mad at him. But it goes away.
He cracks me up.
BQ is nice when he wants to be.

We went to bathe and there was this ugly jumping
thingy in my bag. In which i screamed at. (no effect)
In fact, the sumg little creature seemed to like freaking
me out. So i kept my distance. We had a silent war.

And after that, we had lunch.
I ended up at the guys table and it wasnt my fault too.
I was just stting there. Then Wei was there. And becs

Then Quan came along. Sat beside Wei.
Then my mom moved Becs food to Nao's table.
I shoulda known.

After that we went to watch the water skiers.
Shi me and Markie went to watch the skiers.
Was super cool.
Shi was super cute the cap and sunglasses.
So i decided to wear cap and sunglasses to match his.

Then BQ came along.
Kept stealing my cap. Got mad again.
Then again, he protected me from the dogs so i forgive.
The AngMoh guy with the four BIG dogs was kinda nice.

One of the skiers was american.
Veh shuaii. Or maybe thats cause when the does stunts he
looks super cool. *hugs*

Dear threw Bings cap in the water.
And then we were all like. AHH. Howhowhow.
Then one of the skiers fell.

We ran over to help. And to ask for favour.
Oh My Tian. It was a guy who looked like Shin from the
side. I decide hes Korean. But Bing says hes Jap, so. Well.

He helped swim to get the cap.
Swoon. Haha. So nice.

Then later we go into combat with sticks and beans.
It retarded.
Bing and Dear go into MORTAL COMBAT.
It was damn funny. Laughed till i cannot take it.

Then we all go home.
Sigh. Bing is flying tonoght.
(turns green)


Then he can go Aussie.

And yourwelcome.
I told you i'll bring a shirt.
I keep my promises.


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