Monday, October 16, 2006

I walk home in a haze.
A stupid smelly ugly hot and eeky haze.

We dont need to do conditioning.
BEEEcause haze PSI hit more than 100.
(Hanyu goes around shouting the peesai.)

So we go gym do push up sit up candle jumps blahblah.
It was fun.

Haze Haze beautiful haze.

I suck the milo straw and blast the music and my
stomach aches. And my shoulder aches. My legs ache.
I am in the haze.
I cannot breathe. I cannot see.

But i am happy.
Why? I have no idea.

Off we go to SCC.

I bowl with Ahboy. Mama. Difong. Ahboy girlfriend.
Ahgong. Mom. Dad. Sis. Bro. Angelica. SiaoShen.

Wished DiQing were there.
I sigh.

I strike once.
I would say this more excitedly, but somehow, i dont feel
like gloating now.
And i spare thrice. (gloats anyway)

So i sing.

Then we go to the pirates place.
Ballroom whatever.

We have ballfight and i got bruises all over.
But it was so fun that the sorethroat and blueblacks were all
worth it.

And Jerylitte-Senpai got hit by Gerri with a slipper.
Because he said girls were.... Aaand stuff.
Which i shouldnt mention here.
Come to think of it, that was wayy cool.
Go Veron!


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