Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dear Bloom
I am in love with this really handsome guy who had great leadership
qualities. Many girls like him alot too. I try to forget him but i cant.
What should i do?

Five years later...

Dear Kelly
I am so in love with this super hot guy who had great abs....

Dear Bloom
I am in love with this boy. He told me he likes me too.
We liked each other for a while. Now he tells me that
he likes another girl. I am really sad. I am trapped in a
deep hole of love (pfttt) and cant get out. What should i do?

Dear Bloom
I like this boy. When i told him, he ignored me and told
the whole class that i like him. I was really sad. I really
wanted to be his friend so i told him that i was sorry and
if we could be friends. But it didnt turn out the way i wanted
it to. I really want to be friend and i want him to like me.
What should i do?

Dear Bloom
I am nine this year and my mom wants me to start doing
chores. But i am clumsy and i cannot do chores properly.
I am really embarrassed. What should i do?

And... the best of all.

Dear Bloom
My friend keeps tickling me. I tell her to stop but
she just continues to tickle me. What should i do?

From WINX magazine leh.
The one with the faries flying all around.

I mean, you think any teens will read?
I mean, other than me.
And i dont really read. My sister just read out to me.

Oldest prolly 10.

10 years old and trapped in a dark hole of love??!!
Pfftt. Koff koff.


Read each question below, for every question,
you must type in the first name that comes into your mind.

1 you sit near to in class- Cara
2 has great looking hair- Jamison
3 has a great smile- Jonathan MICHAEL PARKER
4 has a deep voice- Wei
5 has a cute laugh- Jolene
6 has a wild laugh- Weeeell. Cheryl. Ugh.
7 looks cute with make-up on- Bing. Man, i need to see that.
8 is funny- Rachel
9 is good in drawing- Bing Quan
10 is tall- JERYL.
11 has cat hair- WAHAHA. WTF is cat hair?
12 has good penmanship- Cara. Even with her left hand seh.
13 is good in math- My mom.
14 has pink cheeks- YEAHYEAH DEEBS.
15 is good in volleyball- Paul.
16 is good in badminton- *Sniffmumble* Rebecca
17 loves to play the guitar- Pin
20 is short/small- Carah dear.
21 has cat eyes- WTF?? whats with the cats.
22 has a cool last name- Tongoodombon
23 no. 22's love intrest- J*****
24 no. 12's love interest- Ahh. That. Probably me.
25 no. 18's love interests- Whoops. Missed it.
26 no. 11's love interest- Dog hair.
27 no. 13's love interest- My dad.
28 no. 21's love interest- Oh gee.
29 loves purple and pink loads- Esther. And MingQi.
30 who you'd like to give you a testimonial- Yeti

TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT- cause i would give you anything
TELL WHAT YOU NEED- and i'll go get it.

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