Sunday, September 10, 2006

You know how you can attend the same cat class with
this group for 8 months of people and not know them at all?

Yeah. And suddenly at camp theres this group of people
who you have never met before. Its scary.
Cat class was girls one side, guys one side.
Gerry and Paul talk, guys make crap comments, we go home.

Camp is bonding time, cherrio.
First day we run around St Thresas with our group trying
to complete some self discovery thing with our group.

And then Ryan, calls Yong Mei(Clarice) "Mei Yong".
Then she goes, NOOO its YONG MEII. Heh.
No really. You try. Try pronouncing her name.
You'll see why everybody keeps crapping her.

I never knew Ryan was that attractive.
First day at camp and E suddenly starts this
growing intrest in him. Second day as shes all slobberly
and eeks.

I mean, in class he was never, like that.
Even YongMei says he is adorable.
In the smallboy cute wayyy lahhh. I want to pinch
his cheeks and pulll. - YongMei
Ha. Try KID MYSELF. As if lah Mei Yong.
Just cause you're sec 2.

Next day was uber cool.
We split into our groups again.
This time branded with a new name. OSCAR.
Thats the rubbish-bin guy in Sesame Street. With the worm.

We wear vangurd sheety dusbins and Oscar masks.
We looked so spastic.
Off we go to Sentosa. Everybody stares. Its cool.
Its some amazing race thingy.

You have to go all over Sentosa with your group.
7 stations. Read the clue, find the bus, find the facils,
do your cheer, next paper and gogogogo.

Judith keeps calling everybody disgusting. Hah.
And she keeps effing around.
-trips over something, falls.-
WHAT THE EFF LAH. Omg. she did look so innocent.

Then i get so pissed with the stupid vanguard dusbin.
keep flying everywhere.
Michael goes, HAHA mine broke le.
And hes dragging some torn shite. Heh.

I ACCIDENTALLY tear mine too.
I drink Michael's milo water that taste like crap.
It spills all over my shirt BECAUSE his waterbottle sucks.
Wasnt me.

In the bus Russell tears his dusbin too. Whoops.
How careless. And he has this super cool stich on his neck.
It looks like a bug. No kidding. I love it.

Then we go to the Palawan Beach for one of the stations.
We have to bury someone. Ha. HAHAH. HAHAHAHAH.
Everybody say. MICHAEL. But he declines. Very ungraciously.

So Russell sacrifices himself. Not without a you owe me man.
We throw sand on him and he gets sand in his shirt up his
pants,everything. Soon, he resembles a lump of sand with a head.

After lunch,
Ryan goes, There. Number one. Take Red Line to the artist place.
So we clamber onto the bus and we end up at the Cinemax end.
We run around like mad chickens and ask people for directions.
We get very losted.

We see a group of tall people at the other side of the uber huge
soccer field. YESS. Me and Ryan race to check it out.
BLEH. They were from Singapore Poly. Playing the same game.
Dammit. Yes, DAMMIT.

Jacelyn forgets her waterbottle.
I offer to get it. I run abit then forget where she said she left it.
I turn back to ask and Ryan starts running.
I run too. We sprint to the Cinemax place.
He runs fast, dammit. Demorilzed.

While we were gone, the rest figured that we were at the wrong
place. KILL. RIP. TEAR. Ryan is blamed.
We have no more time to complete the last station because of
thatand we rush back to the beach.

There are games there.
We play 'hit the other person on the chair with a blown up glove
which looks wrong until he or she falls down while standing on a
chair yourself.' I win.

And toilet hockey. Simply using toothbrushes to hit a roll of toilet
paper. Hockey rules apply. You've gotta admire their simplicity.
I try to goal twice. Once between the wrong place, the other
The one and onlyy baby. I love me.

Dinner, MeiYong chases guys around pillars.
At night, they do a slide show on the thing. HA.
I tell you, Jeryl looked so ahem. 'Specially the running one.
The whole room laugh until siao.
Then he goes, No you did NOT see that. No you did not.

Its really cold and E asks Ryan for his jacket. Again.

Then Melvyn tries tapping my head and i sream.
MeiYong says im a flirt. BLACK kettle you thingy.

That night i fall asleep like a light. Tired shite sia.

Next day(today).
I dont wanna go home. I miss everyone.
We sit on the bus and Jeryl wears Veron's name.
Causes uproar.

Cant wait for CC2 camp.
It'll probably go back to normal next week.
Then again, mabye not.


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