Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today is my birthday.
I have the worse cough i have ever had in ages.

Every second i go COUGHCOUGH HACKHACK.
And when i breathe it hurts.
It hurts when i sneeze.
It hurts when i cry.
It hurts when i cough.
It hurts when i sniff. (yes i do sniff but not into the MIKE)
My eyes are all red and sniffy.
My nose is all snuffy and running.

But i still feel happy.

And why so?
Because i know someone loves me.
People who take the time to remember that its my birthday and
send an sms or wish me on msn or call me up.

They probably think its nothing.
But heck, it means a damn lot to me.

Now i've gotten all soft.
You see where going soft leads to? Huh? Huh?
NUuh thing. Just a stupid coughing fit.

Anyway. My mom is bugging me now.

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