Thursday, September 21, 2006

This morning i got all my teachers angry.
AMANDA.. this
AMANDA.. that
AMANDA.. what are you DOING

Luo goes
Amanda, what happens when the class sink in?
In super cheem chinese.

What? I say.

ChengMei translates and i go OH.
We die lor.

The Luo gets pissed and blahblah.

During D&T free period, we create a puppet show.
I use Sirin's duct tape to make HelloKitty puppet.
And a black blob.

After a few feeble attemps to narrate it, we give up.
We then twirl the whole roll of duct tape into a long string
and try to stick it onto the celing light.

DTtay goes, nono girls, later you fall.

Its class deco lah. Dont disturb.

Want then red better.

Nevermind lah. You want to help us put up?
I think im too short.


It goes on.
Later when DTlee comes in, Pei just stand on table,
stick and come down. DTlee never even noticed.

When we get bored we go to the balcony and lie down.
We sprawl on the floor while Angel smses Dexter and
Sirin, Cara and me talk about nothing.

When walking home theres this two guys in all white
uniform behind me. They keep bitching about their friend.
That ****ing ********.
That stupid guy no **** one.

When i turn around they suddenly stop.
I walk faster.

I realise they look good in long pants.
I wonder what they will look like in shorts.

I figure since my brother is subjected to 10
years in shorts, i should warn him first.
Maybe he will get kicked out though.

Or maybe, he is secretly gifted and will go to


By the time i know i'll be 23.
And married. With my OWN laptop.
Maybe i wont get married so soon.

By then,

I shall have a private jet to fly over bermuda triangle
and maybe all the so called missing people just found
paradise and refused to come back.

I shall go to Ice hotel and Sea hotel and Space hotel.
If theres no such place then i shall create one.

I shall discover the secret of THE MAGIC BACKPACK
The one that Dora has.

I shall swim in the dead sea and float. FLOAT.

I shall become a pilot and my friends all get to sit
first class.

I shall find Mdm Suah and give her a suprise birthday
party although i doubt she will remember us 10 years later.

I shall sail, SAIL, around Singapore in one day
Sail, i repeat, which means by then i would
have the licence to. If i dont then Jeryl can tow me.

I shall have my wedding at the Fleming Beach Park,
Maui, Hawaii. ON THE BEACH.

I shall discover something like MapleKiller and
flush Maple out of every child's mind.
But then again by then there probably will be some other

I shall have a snow party. With all my friends.

I shall have a real snake as a pet. A snake who loves me.

I shall have Sirin and her band play live at my snow party.

I shall disband the No Bubblegum Policy.

I shall set up a fast food chain called LEEMANDAS
And 13 years olds can work there.

I shall be the cofounder of SHS. Sirin High School.

Lastly, i shall achive my dream of riding the bike in the pool.


*Starry eyed starring dreamily into future*

Oh well then. When i say SHALL, i will.
Believe me.

- Third Eye Blind . Semi Charmed Life.

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