Monday, September 04, 2006

I've been wondering why i call my blog 'Figures'.
Well, i figured no one actually looks at the titile, so well.

And then, the Crocodile Hunter guy?
He died. Like, he died by a stingray barb. Whats that?

Well, he must have like, earned TONS from shows.
Its all so sad. He could have settled down after retiering and have the
best life ever.

Well, Belle wants me to put a TURTLE on my nick.
I wonder why. What does a TURTLE have to do with the Steve?
He loved CROCODILES. Not freaking TURTLES.

She says the turtle is the Australian Cultural sign.
WELL, who cares about the Australian Cultural sign?
Whats the use of putting a freaking TURTLE on your nick?

So what if theres no crocodile sign?
Shouldn't put anything at all then. Ah heck.
Have no idea why im getting so worked up. I should stop.

And well, since im not putting that turtle up,
i pay my respects here.

Dear Steve Irwin,
Im sorry you're dead. You were an inspiration to all crocodile
haters, for one, at least me.

Math Camp for dummies today.
It was so terribly boring that even the facils were dying.
Cara had to write with her left hand.

We had to write what we learnt on this leetlle card.
I write, 1. Mdm Suah is nice.
2. Ms Tan is nice.

I dont see the problem. I BE FRANK.
And they reject it.

HEY. I tried to be positive. I was rejected.
So I write, 1. Lychee sweets suck.
(They really do. The ones they gave me, at least)

Rejected again.
I resort to making things up. They are accepted.
They obviously want us not to be frank.

I flunked my report on
"If you want to live on the time where Dawan lived,
Why or Why not"

Why? Becasue i was frank.
All i stated was the technology and discrimination were
abit too eeky for me. (In other terms) And elborated abit.
I FLUNKED IT. Good grief.

And the one where i totally wrote crap which i made up,
i got a 18/20. What, they trying to encourage crap we make up?

Later i go out to see Alia, Abby, SingYing they all.
While they ride around on my blades, i lie on the one of the
pillar things around the pool and listen to my ipod.

I watch clouds again. So pretty.

Musta looked abit odd. I got some 'crazy' looks from people.
Cha. Im used to it. I see the bikeboy today again.
He looks terrible. Sigh.

This is kinda cute.

What turns you on about guys
ON, OFF or DM (doesn't matter)

Is taller than you: ON
Is shorter than you: OFF
Wears braces: DM
Dresses Ghetto: Frankly, it depends on what ghetto means.
Dresses Gothic: OFF, erk. well, abit is okay.
Has blue eyes: ON, cool. Now, thats nice.
Has green eyes: ON
Has hazel eyes: ON
Brown eyes: ON
Drinks alcohol: DM, not too much. Increases desire, decreases
performance. -Science class
Wears glasses: DM
Smokes: OFF, eurgh.
Plays sports: DM. Well, we can race.
Smiles a lot: ON
Calls you just to say Hi: ON, heh.
Compliments you: ON
Likes to talk: ONNNN.
Shy & quiet: OFF. Jeez.
Good dancer: OFF. I hate dancing. I mean, i reeeally hate it.
Wears jewelry: DM. Well. Earrings are nice. On ONE ear.
Smiles when you walk in the room: ON. Thats nice XD.
Has brown hair: ON
Has Black hair: ON
Has blonde hair: ON
Has red hair: DM.
Makeup: I hate makeup too. For now.
Can make you laugh at any given moment: ONNN! Whoo! XD
Loyal: ON
Laid back: ON
Plays guitar: ONNN. He can teach me then.
Plays piano: ON
Plays drums: ON. Cool.
Sing: ON
He's buff (muscles): DM. Actually, too much muscles are scary.
Easily jealous: OFF
Doesn't eat meat: DM.
Is bi: DM. S'long he doesnt hit on guys when im around. Ew.
Has a tattoo: ON. As long as he doesn't make me get one.
Has a lip ring: DM.
Has tongue ring: OFF. Ouch.

(Plus, Pang sei means abandon. i think)

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