Thursday, September 14, 2006

FT Tan dyed his hair.
Brownishy blackish yellowish hair.
And he FINALLY got a side parting.
His BORING middle parting was terrible.
He said Cause of the photoshoot mah.

It caused an UProar in our class during assembly.
And girls, if youre in love with Tan, (ahem)
hes taken. WITH A FIONCEE.
And we are going to his wedding whether he invites us or not.
Anyone want to join us?

Recess we go see the guy selling the IQ stuff.
For every thing you solve you get a bookmark. I got 5.
Was damn fun.
But later we lost track of time and assembled late.
The whole 1dee had to wait for us. Really sorry 1dee.

Tomorrow we have to meet the teacher early, so dont worry.

After school, i go to Cara's house to study.
I pick up my maths workbook and worksheets then go over.
I push my bike over and we have to lug it down the VERY
steep and loong slope.

This obviously means, later i have to lug to UP the very
steep and loong steps. But thats later.

When i get there, i see my whole Anastasia series in her shelf.
Haha. Half my things are hers though, so its okay. Heh.
We do maths with the radio on and she lent me her "Bigger".
Thanks dearie.
SIGH. I hope i remmeber to return it.

After maths we go to AwfullyChololate to get Sirin icecream.
We play the shark game. The one where you have to press the
sharks teeth until his head suddenly DROPS.
I keep screaming. And laughing. Its fun.
WeiShan was damn scared. Actually, so was i. Heh.

Then i go to the playgroud and swing.
SWINGG. Its so fun and you know, fun.
Cara wanted to show me her neighbour's swing, but her
family was having dinner already.

Cara- Yeah, Jasline's(or something) house.
Me- OH. The one who you faked had a brother you liked
- called Marcus?
Cara- She really has a brother lah.
Me- But you said you were lying.
Cara- I was lying that i lied.
Me- WTF? Wahlao.
Cara- Aiya, you were very gullible last time. Still are, really.

*Boy walks past*

Me- Is that Marcus?
Cara- EWW no. HAHHA.

*Another boy walks past*

Me- Is that Marcus?
Cara- NOO. Sheesh.

*We see a boy walking down the steps*

Cara- DONT ask.
Me- Okayokay.

We drag the bike to the steps.
The boy stares. Cara keeps laughing when she looks at him.
After which we TRY to drag the bike up the stairs.

One step AHHH. Piongpiong drop again.
The boy turns around and say.

Boy- You need me to help?
Cara- HAHAHAHA *choke* haha, its okay.
Me- S'okay.

Drags bike again.
My hands starts growing blisters and the bike keeps slipping.

Boy- Really, need me help?
Cara- hahahaahha. Gogogo. Its okay. hahah,
Me- Nah. Sokay.

At that time, the bike is slipping down.
And Cara is making funny noises.

Boy- You both can bring it up anot?
Cara- HAHAHA yeah. Hahaha.
Me- Obviously not, but seriously, its okay.

The boy then grabs the end of the bike.

Me- You're not really helping.
Boy- Okayokay, i go to the front.
Me- -mumblemumble-

But he is damn strong.
He drags it up and im just behind pretending to help when hes
lugging it up my himself. Seriously, he IS strong.
But Cara never even pretend to help luh.
She just stand there laughlaughlaugh.

Me- Thanks man. Really.
Boy- Mm. *Wave*
Me- Bye Cra.

I mount my bike and start riding.
Suddenly the pedals starts spinning like siao.
Then keep hitting my leg, and the skin all peel and my knee
started bleeding.

So i brake and fall into the drain.
I try to fix the chains and my hands get so black.
I rub the sweat from my face and my face got a black streak

Aiyo. Then i wished the guy would help me drag the bike back
home. I saw this guy runnning for bus.
His slippers PIAKPIAKPIAK damn loud. So irritating.
So i shouted ALL THE WAY! YOU CAN DO IT!
Then i wave my hands and shout GOGOGOGO.

The boy looks at me like im siao. But he was going to laugh.
So whats new?
But he catches the bus anyway.

I get home all sweaty and with streaks of black all over.
Becs gives me her blow by blow Maple adventure.

GIRL SOLD ME THE CLOAK FOR blahblahblah...
Me- How nice.

Bec- Oh yeah. I remember last time we used to lie on the
sofa and hang our head down the side and look and Gonggong's
head upside down. Then i laugh until you vomit.

Me- Oh YEAH. Haha. I remmeber. Omg, i was so cute.
Well, and you.

-Britney, Do something

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