Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is taken out of Bing's blog.
Thank him for compiling it.

"Princess and the Assasinator

A random play that was scripted by Bing and Mandy over MSN.
One line Bing one line Mandy.
Starring.. Princess Lee, Assasinator, Monk, Guard and Bing.

Assasinator: *takes out knife* "DIE PRINCESS LEE!!"

Princess Lee: *guards rush out and kill the assasinator*

Princess Lee: "WAHAHAHA"

Assasinator: *assasinator dodges and backstab guard*

Assasinator: "RAWR"

Princess Lee: *guard is invincible.

Assasinator: *assasinator is more invincible.

Princess Lee: *princess lee knows kung fu.
kills assasinator with rubberband.*

Assasinator: *assasinator calls his monk friend who revives him*

Princess Lee: *princess lee realises the monk is fake.
reports to monk place.*

Princess Lee: *monk dies*

Assasinator: *but chief monk comes down and
sees the princess in indecent clothes*

Assasinator: *monk screws the princess*
[the fight way, not the other way]*

Princess Lee: *princess lee blast rock music at chief monk*

Princess Lee: *monk dies*

Assasinator: *assasinator comes and blast
DEATH METAL music at princess*

Assasinator: *princess drops ipod and cries to death*

Princess Lee: *NO the princess is cursed. she cannot die.*

Princess Lee: *princess curses assasinator*

Princess Lee: *he is forever in her power*

Assasinator: *assasinator gets curse of eternal life,
but is subject to princess's power*

Assasinator: *assasinator is happy. he kissed the princess*

Assasinator: *the princess curse was broken*

Princess Lee: *she is happy*

Princess Lee: *she kissed assasinator*

Assasinator: *they lived happily ever after*

Assasinator: *and the assasinator's kids pass the
story down from generation to generation*

Assasinator: *until Bing gets hold of it and puts it on his blog*

Princess Lee: *the assasinator lives on*

Princess Lee: *he is somewhere out there*

Princess Lee: *missing the princess alot*

Bing: Wait.. if you're the Princess.. I'm the Assasinator..

Bing: Shucks.

Amanda: Oh jeez "

To Be Continued.

Today in church, the damn guy came down to the last few rows.
He handed out cards and asked us to stick it on the pews.

Note* The last few rows are completely occupied by teens. CC1 -CC4.

The card reads something like
: Notice.
This is a church. Respect. Do recieve or send smses.

Yes. A whole paragraph of that crap.
Imagine! It caused an uproar.

Rachel took the bluetack from behind the card and formed,
She stuck it on the part where they wrote
"Your Friendly Catechist"

Everybody cracked up and started taking out their handphones,
to take pictures.
HAHAHA. Serve them right.

Phyllis was busy cursing everybody.

Then after that, went to the temple to see my grandfather.
The smoke made me sneeze.

Di Xing promises to bring me out to get a cap.
If i dont like any, he has to give me his cap.

My sister pronunced his name Di Ke-ng.
Hole in the ground. Eveyrbody laughs.

Its Di Keng. K-eng.


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