Monday, August 07, 2006

New art teacher.

She stands there while we file into class.
Mr Foo does intro briefly.

Foo leaves.
She introduces herself.

'My name is blahblah. I taught in a girl's school.
I then worked for the Ministry for ten years.
I wrote art books BUT they probably arent in use anymore.
I then worked in a musuem where i introduced people to paintings.

I also had a scholarship to the MOST prestigeous art school, in France.
Many famous artist have studied there.

I have alot of experience and qualifications in these matters.
Please do not question my authority and listen to whatever i say.

Also, your class is unacceptabaly rude.
I am a new unfamilliar face and you all just come in and talk so much.
SO NOISY. Your class has no respect AT all.
Terrible. Tsktsktsk.

Learn to have respect.'

That took her about half the lesson.
Then she made us draw shoes.

Me, Sirin, Angel and Cara have a personal creative outlet.
We find drawing on the table very stressful.
We take to the floor very well.

Mdm my face is so QIAN BIAN goes,
:Back to the table. NOW.

:No chairs lah

: There are so many there.


: Finefine.

We then pull the horrible unwanted chairs to the table.

Then we get split cause theres no space for four.
I am angry.

I then take to agressively attacking my paper with terrible,
drawings of, shoes.

Which is, apparently, what we are supposed to do.
We are supposed to put our stinky feet-protectors onto the TABLE,
and draw it.

I slam my horrible shoe onto the table and draw it.
I am the fastest because i dont care.

While others draw every single detail of the shoe,
i scribble around.

Suddenly, she goes,
"Ah. Look at this. Shes almost done."

Ms Blahblah holds up my piece of crap.

Sirin and Cara looks up immediately.
They start to laugh.

"You see," she continues, "She is so fast.
Its erm. Very nice."

Sirin bursts out. Cara cannot stand it.
They laugh.

Ms Blahblah shoots them a look and goes, WHAT SO FUNNY?

They shut right up.

Track was curcuit traning.
Sit ups! Me and Sirin shall train so we can,
wear a swimsuit and look nice.


Then we played scoccer which ended up 0-0.
Was fun. Zhi Xi damn amazing goal keeper.
They must have tried to score like, more than 10 times.


We love you Zhi Xi.


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