Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ice skating today.

First Wei could go.
Then he got severe muscle ache.

Only me and Nao and Dear.
And Beccy. And Markie.

And DAN(Shi)!

So me and Dear and Nao speeds round the rink until we get tired.
It was 10 and not that crowded.
The only pro guy was a figure skater about sec 4. I think.

He kept speeding around the rink then spinning.
And sliding and spinning and gliding.

He looked damn nice. And cool.
To think i thought guy figure skaters were weird.
We thought he never fell.
He fell anyway.

Then we got bored of just skating.
We tried to do some figure skating.

WAHAHAHA. Thats all.
Dear was teaching me how to break.

She goes like, skateskateskate then rightskatebehindleft and BREAK!

I go like, skateskateskate then leftskatebehindrightkate,
and slam unto someone and fall.

She goes like, skateskateskate rigthskatebehindright and TURN TWICE.

I go, skateskateskate rightskate tanglewithleft bounce and FALL.

I give up after 22 tries.

Shi rocks.
He skates like pro.
Really fast and he can do figure skating too.

Me and him abandon the Tan sisters who are,
twirling around and sliiding around.

We speed around the rink.
I have to chase him.
Its fun. HE IS SO SWEET!

Wait, did i say sweet? Mabye not, but hes cute.
One of the few who still calls me Mandy.

Well then.
Saw Jonel there too.
With her sister and two brothers.

Her sister is so adorable.
I sit beside her and she goes : Want some mentors?
Then she starts talking to me like im some old friend.

Shes really small and i love her.
Her brother is sweet too.
He saw me talking to Nels sis and he tapped my shoulder.
Then i look at him and he smiles.

Wanted to hug him.

Too bad Bing, Quan, Wei they all missed it.

(another was of saying my memory sucks)

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