Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy teachers day Tan.
And WongYF and WongA. Plus my teachers.

Tan was wearing red singlet. Choke.
And WongYF was wearing AngloC camp shirt.
We told him he had a nice shirt.
I told Tan his singlet was abit shocking.

Planning to go escape.

Cara, Cara, Cara.
YOU and your brakkon HAND. Sobs.

So since you choose the LIBRARY over us,
Angel goes home alone, and me and Sirin mooch around.

We slump around wasting our lives playing maple.
It gets boring so we go out to play badminton.
And it rains. Heh. heh. he.h. (pathetically)

So we play badminton in the rain talking about pervertic guys.
Then my sister tells Sirin about the guy from TamanNigara.
She says

You know when we went Taman Camp, there was this, guy who
keep looking at my sister because she wear the black shirt with
the blue bra strap and blahblahblah.
Sirin tells her to shut up when she goes into detail about my bra.

Well. Thats not true.
I was walking to go get food. (buffet)
Then he goes, heyy do you have MSN?
Then his whole group of friends start snikering.

Uh. Well yeah.

Then he goes, help me write?

No paper.

So he says, okay. Then i walk away to queue for food.
A while later, he comes back with paper and pen.
Here. He says.

Who the heck is he? I think.
Then i remember. Ohh. I say.

I scribble terribly on the paper. He tells me he cant read it.
Oh. I say.

The next day he tells me my shorts are too short.
Whathe? I say.
He says that guys are not used to girls with such short shorts.
Oh. Then dont look. I tell him.

So how bout that. For the next two days he keeps telling me
my shorts are too short. I get damn irritated.
Guess what?
When i saw him driving i got a shock. He drives?
Oh boy. Thats eeky. Hes probably like 18.

On the last day of the camp i hide in the toilet when hes
leaving. Was afraid he'll come tell me about my shorts again.
I miss the Quan lookalike. Plus the lolipop family. And the pierce
ear guy. Probably never see them again. Whatever.

And they call Secondary 'form'.
Like Sec one, is FORM one. With a accent which is so cool.
Like, you go, fom one.

Go go back and play rubbishy scrabble.
I make crap words without vowels.
Then we give up and play maple again.

Then i watch Doremon with markie.
After which i do my composition. Its kinda nice.


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