Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reasons for not changing Amanda's seat. (RNCAS)

1a. Amanda has a sinus problem. Sitting too close to
the board with all the chalkdust could make her explode.

1b. Her explosions will disrupt the class. The class: outraged

1c. An angry mob is formed.

1d. Amanda's life is at stake.

1e. Mucus: everywhere

1f. Embarrassment for all

2a. Amanda is slighty short sighted, but her optimertrist
does not recommend eye wear till her eye sight worsens.

2b. Sitting too far away from the board would mean she
cannot see what the teacher is writing.

2c. She cranes her neck. People laugh at her. Embarrassment.

2d. She goes up front to copy. People laugh at her. Embarrassment.

2e. Ends up squinting. Her eye sight worsens. Not wanting to
disappoint her parents, she keeps quiet. Her eyesight gets so
bad that she needs immediate laser surgery.

2f. After paying, she is unable to go to college.She ends up working
as a callgirl, and is emotionally scarred for life.

3a. Amanda is claustrophobic. If she sits next to someone big, she
will feel uncomfortable.

3b. She cries every day.

3c. Tears are everywhere, class is in an outrage.

3d. An angry mob is formed.

3e. Amanda is stampeded to death.

4a. Amanda finds it difficult to get along with people whom she
does'nt have the right chemistry with. Family (Sirin, Cara, Angel)
however, comes with that package.

4b. If Amanda sits with someone she does no like, she will go

4c. The person next to her will go ballistic.

4d. They both will GO BALLISTIC.

4e. The class will go ballistic.


5a. Amanda strongly believes in Sirinatopias. Sirinatpias has
a strict rule that Sirinatopiasists must not change their seats
in the same rooms more than twice a year. It is extreamly bad luck.

5b. If Amanda changes seat, she would have extreamly bad luck.

5c. Amanda sues you for coercion and your causeing of her downfall.

5d. You are broke. And sad.

5e. Amanda thrives without her family. Sirinatopia strikes her with
lightning, for leaving her family behind.

6a. Amanda is a strong believer in Lilo and Stitch.

6b. "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind."
-Lilo and Stitch.

6c. Stitch is angry at you for breaking an Ohana apart.

6d. Stitch and his alien cousins (except 625) come to attack you.

6e. You are hurt. And sad.

7a. When we sit together there is strong class participation.
We participate, class participate, teacher is happy. We are happy.

7b. Amanda moves away. No class participation.

7c. Class is bored. We are bored. We turn to reading porno under
the table.

7d. Expulsion is in the air.

7e. School: unhappy. Us: horny = BAD.

8a. Amanda is undergoing Math and english tuition with Sirin.
Sirin is an acomplished genius in both areas. The MOE knows. (really)

8b. If Amanda moves away, tuition is disrupted. Her grades fall

8c. Amanda's parents are outraged.

8d. They send Amanda to a boarding school in Ice land.

8e. Her grades still failing, she becomes a nun.

8f. Being a nun, she cannot meet and marry her true love,
*****t. She lives in regret for the rest of her life.

Just by reading these senarios, Amanda has
- Been killed by a mob
- Been killed by a stampede.
- Became a call girl
- Been jailed
- Been struck by lightning
- Became a nun
- Became horny and expelled.

You have
- Been broke
- Been arrested
- Been attactked by alien experiments.

All only in Section one of RNCAS
Stay tuned for Section Two.

Thats composed by Sirin and me. I helped. I DID.

Sirin was over.
We played Taboo but then gave up because i kept laughing.

So we logged on to her Maple account.

Then we realised that we could say 'something',
and they dont censor it.

So we found this guy and said 'something' to him.
Then he said **** you.

Then we said. HAHAHA. They censored you!
Then he said. Dont act pro lah.

Then he said. How many maple something do you have?
Then we said. How many do you think we have?

Then he said. 2.
Then we said. Why do you want to know?

Then he said it was because he was curious.
Then Sirin said that curious boys never got far.

Then we said. love ya. Then we quit.

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