Tuesday, July 18, 2006


THE krokodil.

The KROKODIL is so cute.

Schni Schna Schnappi
Schnappi Schnappi Schnapp

Schni Schna Schnappi
Schnappi Schnappi Schnapp.


The singer has to be like, really small.
WOW. Such stardom at such a young age.

Its in German, the lyrics, and after traslation,
That krokodil is really bad.

Then i thought, HEY! I know German too!
Sentence: Manda Lee is the creame de la creame.

Then i realised it was er. French.

I saw a really pretty teacher.
She had a nice shirt and a nice shirt.

But when she turned, she kinda reminded me of

Like, her nose was abit longish.
But, she was pretty anyway.

I started to think about Pinocchio.
I was wondering how two wooden parents MADE

Then i remebered that the carpenter MADE him.

Then i was like. OHHH.
THAT WHALE SHOW! The one where the old man in
the boat gets eaten.

Yeahyeah. That.

Cara is obsessed with Ah-Lee Ahmad.
How Ah-Lee Ahmad was created//

Deebs calls Cara 'Under Armpits', and calls
me 'Ahmad' or 'Gorilla'.

So one day, we decide to call her 'Deboob',
as i realise that she is badly disturbed when
called a boob.

So, when Luo was talking about some ancient guy,
Cara threw a note to Deboob. Deboob threw back
the note with a drawing of me.

She named it "Alee Ahmad", hoping to offend me
by coloring by face with a pencil.

Cara, started to laugh to badly at the picture.
Cara then asked Deboob to draw A4 size Ah-Lee

She loves it. Shes weird. I changed it to Ah-Lee,
because Alee sounds like Ali.

Ah-Lee acually sounds like Ali too. But whatever.

-End of 'How Ah-Lee Ahmads were formed'-

Then we drew 'Deboobers'.
Defination: Ant like creatures who have a skill of compacting
rubbish... (The rest under construction).

After the whole day of staring at Ah-Lee Ahmads,
my sister had to show me a video of the two retarded dogs.

The dogs are five times my thumb size.
One repeats 'I love you' in a stupid high voice.
The other sings some stupid song.

My sister made a puppet show with the two things.
HAHAHA. I laugh till my hair all drop.

Wait. No connection.

Ah. Who cares.


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