Friday, July 07, 2006

Luo wants Monkey king?

I give you MONKEY KING.

Monkey king.

Monk- Look at that poor old lady
Monkey King- Its a demon
Monk- Shut up.
Monkey King- But it is.
Monk- Whatever
Monkey king- NO!!!
Monk- You very noisy.
Monkey king- (shoots demon)
Monk- You shot the poor old lady.
Monkey king- I did not shoot the poor old lady.
Monk- Shut up.

Monk- Look at the small boy. He is sad.
Monkey king- Its a demon.
Monk- Shut up.
Monkey king- Do you want to die?
Monk- (walks toward boy)
Monkey king- WAHHLIAO. (shoots boy)

Monk- I am angry.
Monkey king- I know.
Monkey king- My head! You JERK.

(Process repeated with other pathetic character)

Monk- I banish you le. Never come back you lousy crap.

Just translate to chinese and WAHHLA!

My group will be so proud of me.

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