Monday, July 10, 2006

I was so honered to be number 2
on Sirin's list, and number 4 of Angel's.

So. To potray my gratefulness,
i shall complete this.

Name 20 people that you can think of now.
1) Cara
2) Sirin
3) Angel
4) Cheng Mei
5) Deebs
6) Eudea
7) Nao
8) MattLeBlanc
9) Heng
10) Wei
11) Jeannette
12) Kelly
13) Jean
14) Crystal
15) Jeryl
16) Matthew Perry
17) Calliou
18) Barney
19) Rebecca
20) Marcus

How did I meet 14? From track.

What would you do if you never met 1? Considering i never met her, I would just, go on with life.

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated? I think their sexual intrests are in girls. At least, i hope.

Have you ever liked 19? Nope. Not ever.

Will 6 and 17 make a good couple? NO! I wanted Calliou! NOOO!

Describe 3. My angel DARHLIN.

Tell me about 7. Shes a girl.

Do you know anything about 12's family? Yeah.

What is 8's fave? Hes MY fave.

If 18 confesses he/she like you? We'll both sing the Barney song together.

What language does 15 speak? English.

Who is 9 going out with? Eudea? Nah. I'll go ask him.

how old is 16 now? Ask Sirin.

Who is 2 fave singer? Tom.Tom.Tom.Tom.Tom. YAY SIRIN.

Would you ever date 4? Nope. Im straight.

Would you ever date 7? Im SERIOUSLY straight

Is 15 single? Nope. I think.

What is 10's last name? Jie?

Would you ever be in a serous relationship with 11? No.

What school does 3 go? Same school as me.

What is your fave things about 5? Oofs.

Finally now the five people who you want to do this.

KaiiwaiiCrap is sick.
Heng is high cause its his birthday Tommorow.

Its 6 years from M18 movies, so he says.

Me and Sirin RODE to her house,
which, is in Thomson.

Rode, means on a bike.

Then we saw the monkeys on the way.

THE monkeys.

I screamed
Sirin sreamed
I sreamed
Sirin screamed

Then we screamed and screamed
and SCREAMED and screamed.

Then we managed, thanks to my devious mind,
to get past the butt scratching monkeys.

Argh. Enough about that.


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jane :D said...

heyys amanda. you tagged my blog. so i tagged yours too!
oh yeah, read a bit of your blog, you can get Evil Star Power of the Five Two from popular. the one near my house sells it. and The High School Musical you can go youtube to watch. -0-..i'm crapping so much. bye!