Thursday, July 06, 2006

(Deflatabox-3)+3. Its our group name.

Minus her band, plus us.

Originated from Sirin.T's band.

More about Sirin.
Sirin is a 100% Blink fan. She loves Blink.
She loves Mark. She loves Tom. She loves Travis.
She loves Blink 182. She likes to jump on unassuming me.

She loves FRIENDS. I love FRIENDS. Yesss!

Oh. I watched the Animal Kidding show.

OMG. Its really cute.

These weird guy keeps being, weird.


Guy- If you had a baby bear, what would you call it?
Little girl- Bearie
Guy- Why?
Little girl- Bearie likes berries.
Guy- Berrieberrie?
Little girl- Nono. I mean BEARS eat berries.

Guy- Matt. If you had a baby bear, what would you call it?
Matt- Stupid (immediate answer)
Matt- Bears are stupid.
Guy- Why?
Guy- Why?
Matt- When i watched TV, bears do stupid things.

MAN. I love him.

Acually. Its kinda boring. But. The little kids are great.

There was this little girl. Trying to make a goat sleep.

She was like

Girl- why cant you go to sleep?
Goat- The guy keeps couting me. He goes, 1,1,1,1....
Girl- 1?
Goat- Theres only one goat.
Girl- I know. Before you go to sleep,
Goat- Yeah?
Girl- NO DRINKING WATER or cookies. Or you'll pee in bed.
Ectectect... Blahblahblah.

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