Saturday, July 22, 2006

I went for the skin prick test.

Last week, Joanne said 'It doesn't hurt! Just ticklish
Nothing to worry about'

Today, Jessica says, 'Its like an ant bite. Abit painful'

Never trust doctors, OR nurses.

Guess what. IT HURT LIKE CRAP.

But its cool.
There are twenty little dots on my hand,
and 3 of them look like swelled butts.

The three swelled dots are

The only one i understand is house dust.

The rest sound like dinosaurs.

I took a few photos, but am disgusted with the outcome.
Its looks terrible in the photo.

Few days ago,
I was walking home from the swimming pool.

I was in my PE attire because i counldn't be bothered
to change.

So. As i walking past THE BASKETBALL COURT,
i looked in to see who was playing.

Normally, if i knew the guys, i would join in.

I did'nt know those guys.

The ball flies and almost hits me.

How coincidental.

I bend down to pick the ball up and throw it back.

Too late.

A fat guy jumps over the railings and takes the ball.
At the same time, two skinny guys do the same.

I ignore. I walk on.

Then the group of perverts start to produce high pitched
noises. Something like when one is calling for his dog.

I ignore. I walk on.

The one guy shouts "Whats your phone number girl!"

I ignore. I walk on.

Then another says "HAHA. She's ignoring you. HAHA'

I ignore. I walk on.

AH. So much for males.

1 comment:

Jo said...

Haha.. cnnt be that bad right? anyway... that fat guy who climbed over the fence... He is cool. You know why...