Wednesday, June 07, 2006

When people listen to songs,
do the lyrics acually register?

Oh well.

"Girls don't like boys,
Girls like cars and money
Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny
And these girls like these boys like these boys like these girls."

Boys and Girls by Good Charlotte.

"We dont know why,
The innocent die.
Will this world ever find a way to change?
We dont know why,
But we know its right."

The Innocent by Goldfinger, Mest and Good Charlotte.

Its like super cute.

Taking about cute,
Over The Hedge is a nice show.
Its superduper CUTE.

The squrriel is retarded.
The baby porcupines RULE.

They were like standing on the driving wheel,
running like some crazy toots.

The three thingys are so PUNY

My brother is so obsessed with
I can burp the ABC!

Its all this shows fault.
Markie burping ABC is no pretty sight.

Shall go pack for cheena trip.
And do tuition work. Teacher's losing patience.

Very soon, she will lose it.
I want to be far away when that happens.

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