Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Todayy went to school for dance practice.

The dance is preparation for the HuangShan trip.
Again, i must say, that i will miss me.

Dancing rocks my body.
Acually, just my head.

My head hurts when i dance.
I got a 3/10 for my dance test.

Its quite good, considering the teacher wanted to give me 2.

Tecaher- number 18 and 19
Me- (stands and walks to death stage)
Cara-(walks to stage)

>Music comes on<
Me- (copies everything Cara does, 1 move slower)
Cara- (does quite well)
Teacher- Looks shocked

>After some crapping around<
Me- Now is turn this side right? (whispers)
Cara- No! This side lah (whispers back)
Me- OH! (turns two moves slower)
Class- Laughs like crazy

>Musics turns off<
Teacher- (looks angry) ni yao wo ge ta men liang fen, hai shi san fen?
translation: do you want me to give them 2 marks or 3 marks?
Class- 3 marks!
Teacher- Ta men zuo dao zhe zhe yang, ta men ying gai na dao duo shao fen?
translation: they did it so badly, they ought to get how many marks?
Class- 5marks! 6 marks!
- i would like to thank my class for their enthusiasm here-

Dancing is my nightmare.
Making me dance the family dance is stupid.
Making me dance it on stage is idiotic.
Making me dance it on stage in Huangshan is stupidly idotic.

Oh well.
Later then.

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