Sunday, June 04, 2006

The REASON im feeling crappy is that i dont have enough blades.
I mean, i have like 5, but thats not enough when my friends are over.

1 for belle.
2 for manda (not me)
3 for beccy
4 for -nil-
5 for markie

Okay, Val's gone home. Shes tiny.
Her feet are tiny.
Mine are big.
I cant wear the one she was wearing.

The one Belle's wearing is my fathers.
Her feet are big too.

The one manda is wearing is the one val was wearing.
The one that she was wearing before val went hurt her feet.
It would hurt mine too.

Are you following me?

Beccys one is her own.
She wouldnt lend it to me after she dies.

Markies one is small. Tiny. Puny. Horrifically minute.
You get my point.

I normally wear my fathers, but Belles wearing it.

I am now wallowing in my own misery like the idiot i am.

I am as optimistic as a guy in a starving babarian's room.
Which means im quite optimistic, since the babarian is not there.

I am gonna snap out of being crappy
BEACUSE i am not crappy.

I am not crappy.
I am not crappy.
I am not crappy.
I am not crappy.
I am not crappy.
I am not crappy.
I am crappy.

I am just gonna get my bike.
And ride it.

WITHOUT being crappy.


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