Friday, June 30, 2006

Operation nose -2//

Dad drove us to Mt E.

After paperwork, the nurse brought me to a ward.

Asked me about allergies and checked my blood pressure.

They gave me this horrible blue thing.
I was supposed to wear it. I couldnt believe it.


Its sick. They look like tissuse paper.

Like, someone almost used it as tissue paper.

On second thoughts, that was me.

Then after i was wearing the 'clothes',
They asked
about my allergies and checked my blood pressure.

Then they made me lie down one the bed,
then they put the white blanket over me.


Then they wanted to push me to the theater.

I could walk. And i told them that.

They pushed me there anyway.

After that, someone asked me about
my allergies and blood pressure.

Their memories suck.

Well. Then blahlahblah.

ow my nose is bleeding and i cant go to the library.


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