Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Its a good day.

*In The Beginning....

Who are you: Manda.
Where are you from: Earth.
b-day: 24 Sep.
Are you tired of answering those same 3 questions in every quiz u take: No. Why do you think i'll do this?
Why did you decide to take THIS quiz: I have nothing else better to do.

*How do you feel about.....

Homosexuals: Im not one
Heterosexuals: Not one either
Bisexuals: Nope. Still not me.
Christians: YESS. Thats me. At last.
Pagans: a person who does not acknowledge your God: Uh? So? Why would i care?
Harry Potter fans: The guy? Or the show?
Anime: Its okay.
Star Trek: Oh. That wierd movie?
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Shes okay. Love Spike.
Friends: I LOVE FRIENDS. They rock.
Will & Grace: Will and his girlfriend? Dunno them.
Religion: What ya believe in.
Politics: Hate it.
Gay Marriage: Gays can get MARRIED? Cool.
Straight Marriage: Yeah. That i know.
Marriage in General: When a MALE and and FEMALE give rings to each other.
Monogamy: ??
Disney Movies: YAY. Lets watch em together.
Music Piracy: Thats the way it is, policeman. Stop fining us.

Is Christina Aguilera a slut?: Define slut.
Is Britney Spears a slut?: See above.
Did Janet intentionally let her boob flop out?: Ew.
Did Michael molest those kids?: Uh? How would I know?
If you had to star in a same-sex love scene, who'd it be with?: Ew.
Opposite-sex love scene, who would it be?: J.M? Not like i will EVER do that.
Who's your favorite actor?: David Schwimmer (Ross) Matthew Perry (Chandler) Matt LeBlanc (JOEY!!!)
Who's your favorite actress?: Jenifer Aniston (Rachel) Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe!) Courtney Cox (Monica)
Favorite Musician or band?: GC and J.M
Favorite stand-up comedian?: nada
Favorite athlete?: Me.
Favorite model?: The pretty girl at the silk wION factory
Favorite Talk Show host?: nada

*More about you.....

Are you single or are you taken?: Depends.
What do you do in your spare time?: Be bored.
What are your creative outlets?: What?
Do you have a webpage?: This
Do you read/write fanfic/slash?: I dont slash.
What is in your CD player right now?: Nothing
What is the last TV show you watched?: Life Story
What is the last thing u said out loud?: Because im nice.
Last thing you ate?: Wheels
Last night's dinner: Food
Last thing you drank?: Water
Do you sleep in the nude?: No. Wont you be cold or something? WHAT IF A FIRE BREAKS OUT?
What do u lie awake thinking about: Me
What are you wearing right now?: Black teeshirt and blue shorts?
How many pillows do u have on your bed?: 2
How many things are there in you room that have to be plugged in?: Which room?
How long have u lived at your current place of residence?: Bout 3 years

*All about your friends.....

How many people do you actually consider TRUE friends: All my friends. If they arent true they wont be my friends.
How many people think u are their friend but secretly u can't stand them?: Well. See secretly. How many of your Live Journal friends list do you actually know InRealLife: Whatever
How many people that have have "friend-ed" u do you really know?: Friend-ed?
How often do you get comments from people and u have no idea who they are?: Dunno.
Who is your BEST friend?: Cara and people.
Who is your loudest friend?: Me
Who is your craziest friend?: ME
Who do you call when u really need someone to talk to?: I dont call anyone.
Who do you call when u really want to have fun?: Cara, depends.
Who do you avoid answering the phone when they call?: I dont avoid calls.
Who do you have the most in common with?: Go figure.
Who do you have the least in common with?: Aliens
Who do you wonder how you became friends in the first place?: No one.
How many people from high school do u still talk to?: Uhrm.
How many people from middle school do you still talk to?: URHMM.

*Social Life......

Where do you like to hang out the most?: My house
Are you usually the designated driver?: First, i must beable to drive.
Do you drink?: I drink water.
Do you smoke?: NUHUH. NEVER
Do you do drugs?: Like medicine?
Do you DO drugs? Well. no.
Do you dance at clubs?: No. I HATE DANCING.
What is your favorite restaurant?: As long as i dont have to cook.


Pop Princess: Hey. Love that song.
Boy Band: Good Charlotte.
Rocker Chick: Lavigne
Rapper?: nada
Color?: Black.White.
Food?: Yeah. FOOD.
Drink?: Water.


See. Im done.

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