Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am to do this without complain.
I will step to it, Mr Zeus.

1. Do the following WITHOUT complaint.
2. Choose 5 person to do this after you completed yours.
3.Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.
4. Start your post with "I have been tagged!" then do this.
( 'Ive been tagged!' sounds stupid )

Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Food: Food
Favourite Song: Kayu song
Favourite Movie: Elegrump. or Elefrump.
Favourite Sport: Running
Favourite Day of the Week: MandaDay
Favourite Season: Singapore weather
Favourite Ice Cream: Lemon Something

Current Mood:I dont feel anything.
Current Taste: My mouth/air
Current Clothes: Shirt and shorts.
Current Desktop: My computer. my phone, my notebook,ectect
Current Toe nail Colour: Toenail color
Current Time: Singapore time
Current Surroundings: Oxygen
Current Annoyances: The world minus me. And certian beings.
Current Thoughts: Why i am doing this.

First Best Friend: Mandalee
First Crush: Me
First Movie: Richard Scary Learns ABC
First Lie: I ate the veggie, mommy.
First Music: Barney- I Love You song.

Last Cigarette: I will never intentionally blacken my lungs and try to kill myself.
Last Drink: Water
Last Car Ride: As in, Toy car?
Last Crush: Funnily, i'm currently crushing Mamee Noodles
Last Movie: Over The Hedge
Last Phone Call: (gloats) YiDa Korkor. He wants to bring me out. BWAHAH
Last CD played: I forget.

Have you ever
Have you ever dated one of your best friend?: No.
Have you ever broken the law: Does chewing gum count?
Have you ever been arrested: Yes. (Stupid questions have stupid answers)
Have you ever skinny-dipped: See above
Have you ever been on TV: Yeah. I wish.
Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: No. Ew. (washes mouth)

5 things you are wearing: Clothes x5
4 things you done today: Things x4
3 things you can hear right now: Sounds x3
1 thing you do when you are bored: Something

People - Living beings 1 - 5.
(means do the lousy thing if you are living)

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