Sunday, June 04, 2006

East Coast
Yesterday. We went to East Coast Park.
Before that, I went to Wisma.
The sports shop had like 40 % off.
So i bought the originally $50plus Keds.

Was smsing Heng in the car.
He said meet at the Water place or something.

Since no one was there, me and Markie went to the beach.
I was wearing LONG pants and a BIG BLACK shirt.
Obviously not for playing at beaches.
Man was i hot. HOT hot. Not like hot. HOT.

So we splashed abit. We got wet.
Then my dad got mad cause we didnt have extra clothes.

He helped me rent a bike.
Then i cycled around East Coast looking for my friends.
When i was stiff and tired, found Quan under the tree with my father.

Me: What are you doing here.
B.Q: Waiting for you.

Then he stared speeding like some mad man.
So i followed, stupid as i was.

He sped like some bear was chasing him.
We took over all sorts of people.
It was damn hard to follow.

Then we saw Heng, and he went really slow.
I mean like, as if.

He sped faster, it it was possible.
Then we took over more people.
Legs were gonna give way anytime.

They sped without hands.
They sped while drinking water.

Then they were like, speeding like some mad guys,
and i was screaming at them to wait. To hold to stupid handle.

Obviously, they were trained cyclists.
It was no use.

B.Q: Why should i? (Goes over hump)
Me: I hope you fall.
B.Q: (Starts saying hello to strangers)

Heng: I can do better (takes out water bottle)
Heng: (Drinks water-no hands)

While i was sceaming, and tired like shit,
they were laughing, and speeding without hands.
Hows that.


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