Tuesday, June 20, 2006


People i met.

Lee Hao ( OMG I LOVE HIM )
Dan qian ( OMG I LOVE HER )
Ego (Ye Chen Lin)
Ect, ect,ect.

Ego, is a small boy.
He loves pictures of himself.
He loves to look at pictures of himself.
He wants us to take pictues of HIM and only HIM.

He loves himself.

Lee Hao's 'Lee' is same as mine!!! EEEE!

I got flowers too.
The people from HunagShan gave them to me.

I watched a basketball game.
The bigbig boys were playing.

Was boring.

The guys in the school eat ALOT.

I cant finish their pukey food,
and they take 3rd helpings.

The super fat boy pushes everyone to get to food.

The bite t-shirt guy is super disgusting.

All he does is bite his shirt.
I feel like puking.

We had to attend lessons.
Cara's buddy kept wanting to hold her hand.

Then i fell.

At the playground...

Then this group of boys were like
forcing me to go to the doctory thingy.

It was disgusting.

Then we asked a blue shirt guy to help us take photo.

He mumbled something,
Eat his icecream,

and runs away.

Then he came back with another group of boys.

Cheena people are weird.

Everyone kept LOOKING at us.


Everyone asked for our autographs.
I felt like a star.

I wrote my name and email so many times.

They cant even read our writing.

Ego wasnt sad that we were leaving.
He was probably just pretending.

The guy behind me told his friends he will call me.

I didnt even give them my number.


I hope you very beautiful and cute.
( HOPE??? )

Wo zhu ni yue zhang yue piao liang.
( ZU WO??? )

Hello! Nice to meet you! I think you're so great.
( me too )

Nice to meet you! Zhu ni yue zhang yue beautiful.
Good good study, day day up!
(??? Good good study?? dayday up??)

Xi wang ni zai lai you wan zhong guo.

Nice to meet you! I hope you very cute and great!
( Hope again...)

Zhu ni yue zhang yue bai.
- means he hopes that i will grow whiter.
( WHAT???)

The smally people also helped me write their names.


All the buddies cried, cept mine.


I miss them.
I am now super bored.
Will continue when i have overcome my boredness.

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