Sunday, June 04, 2006

After the bike riding, i flopped on the floor and died.
Then we went to the beach to play.
B.Q was picking shells.
Markie boy was picking shells.
Heng was trying to make himself shorter.
I was just running around trying not to get wet.

But after i threw stuff at B.Q, i got throughly wet.
My shorts were full of sand and water.
Markie and B.Q were throwing them at me.
Heng was too busy shortening himself.

My father, obviously, im very upset.
I thought you will have enough sense to not get wet.

He made me get off every single bit of sand before gettong into the car.
I got into the car with my pants soaking.
The aircon was on.
I was sitting there shivering.

I wish i had a towel to cover myself.
I had a towel, but my father made me sit on it.

We went for the balloon ride after that.
Wea seriously cool.
Im not scared of heights okay.

After dinner (9.00), Heng smsed that the were going to West coast.
I wanted to go.
Veryvery badly.
My parents, being parents, didnt allow.
Its too late! By the time we reach there, they all go home liao.

They went home at 11.30 by the way.

I felt like crap.
Heng said they had so much fun.
I wont describe the fun because
1. i wasnt there
2. it'll make me feel crappier

Someone must hate me very much.


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