Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bad day is a veryvery nice song.
Daniel Powter is a good guy although i find his name funny.

I just went to the library.
Was kinda boring.
No one would come with me.

Got some books to bring over to cheena land.
Cheena land, is China.
I have no idea why my Aunt calls it cheena land,
but i sounds wayy nicer than China, so im calling it that too.

Anyway. cheena land is gonna boring.
So i made it a point to go library before i left.

Reading is second after computer.
If i cant have a computer in cheena land,
i better have books.

Gotta go track AGAIN.
I dont feel like going today.

My knees hurt like crap, which means,

I wanna do normal tracking.

Someone teach me how to be happy when shit happens.

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