Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back from Malaysia.
Sister had 3 leech bites. Seriously disgusting.

We went into some cave. Hundreds and hundreds of bats.
Bats, are very weird creatures. They look like tiny flying pigs.
Was damn cool. At first i was silently screaming myself to death
when the tour guide went into the place where all the bats were
and shone his torch.
The bats started flying EVERYWHRE. Flying in every direction.
I woulda screamed myself hoarse if someone did not tell me
that the bats my be attracted to noise.
That shut me up pretty fast.

After that we waded through the puddles like some brave adventurer.
The puddles were REALLY sick.
Brown and muddy and up to our ankles.

Course, i made friends, being the friendly person i am.
Even with the Malaysians.
There was this guy who looked EXCALLY like Bing Quan. or Xuan.

If he would just cut his hair abit, they could be evil twins.
I thought mabye Bing Quan grew his hair out and hitched a ride
to Taman too.

So, in those three days, and two nights, i frantically tried to find out
his name. Of course, the easiest way would have been to ask him,
but, i never take the easy way out.

After much pains, i found out his name. William.
Okayyy, NOTHING at all like Bing Quan.
Whatever. He was quite cute anyway. So i vowed to take a picture
of him, and show it to Bing Quan.

So, on the last day, I just took a shot of him. Like that.
I had never even spoke to him before.
Mabye he thought i liked him or somthing.
But its not like i'll ever see him again, so who cares?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Annabel is here now.
We went swimming.
We practiced sumersalting. Wait. Is there such a word?
Im so shack.
We kept swimming.
Im going Malaysia soon.
At 10pm, i will officially be out of the Singapore borders.
Because, mainly, i have no money.
I will miss me.
Im just typing this because im bored.
I am going to Malaysia, Taman Nigara, tonight.
Wont be back for a long long time.
I will miss my favorite show.
I will miss my computer.
I will miss my home.
I will miss my bed.
I will miss you.
I will miss everything that made me feel at home.
I will miss comfort.
I will miss my track training.

This is gonna be a loooong trip.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I am going to Malaysia tomorrow.
If i want to go or not, i dont know.
Tell you next time.
I dont get my people must get blogs with nice blog skins.
What the hell is so nice about those bimbotic skins.
Really, im just jealous. My computer refuses to load the blogskins page.
Its either angry with me or throwing one of its tantrums.
That happens when am loading too many pages.
Then i get so friggin crapped out that i restart the computer.